Friday, 15 February 2008

Unwanted Face Invaders

I've had a cold sore (or 6) for the past 5 days on my bottom lip, and it has put a real dent in my beauty routine. While I've had them since I was 4 (life-long present from my lovely step sister), it still puts me in a spin as to how to conceal them.

It got me thinking how I would normally cover an unwanted blemish, be it a scratch, pimple or pesky cold sore. My choices are few – cover with lipstick or foundation/concealer depending on the location, ignore or go au naturel all over.

I've decided to take the ‘conceal in plain sight’ approach by focusing on the top half of my face. I’ve created smoky eyes using eye shadows Charred & Femme Noir from MAC and loads of mascara (Maybelline Full n Soft is genius), with a warm glow on my cheeks using Invisible Zinc Lip + Cheek Tint.

I have also been dipping into the Shizen Lip Conditioner with a clean cotton bud and applying to my top lip to keep my lips supple and stop them cracking and drying out. Applying to the top lip transfers enough to my bottom lip, without having to touch. The antiseptic properties found in the lip conditioner’s ingredients also help with blitzing the cold sores away when Zivirax just doesn't cut it.

How do you deal with an unwanted visitor on your face?