Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Be a Clinique IT Girl

Are you obsessed with beauty? Are you aged 18 to 30? If so, you could be on your way to being one of 6 2009 Clinique IT Girls.

You'll get stacks of free goodies, invites to press launches and the chance to be a Cleo Bachelor of the Year judge (hello!).

I wonder if the economy has anything to do with them halving the amount of IT Girls? Last year it were 12. I guess this means that you have to work it just that liiiittle bit harder.

Head on over to and get registering. Comp closes November 20.

Good luck!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Cheap Tuesday: Hand Cream

I completely forgot about this hand cream until I found it in my desk drawer – Nivea Anti-Age Q10 Hand Cream. Amazing stuff. I believe it is the only hand cream, and one of the very few beauty products I have ever bought more than once. Despite this, I still can’t help myself trying out every new product on the market, but as always I ditch the other product and come straight back to this.

It doesn’t leave your hands sticky like a lot of other cheap hand creams. Have you noticed how sometimes it feels like you need to reapply 5 minutes after? Not with this. It absorbs well, all while leaving my hands soft. After a week, I haven’t had a single broken nail, which is a miracle.

It claims to reduce the appearance of age spots, however I am not at an age where that is a problem. For under $5, it is worth trying, and even if it doesn’t help with the aging, it makes your hands feel like a babies. As for the smell, it really doesn’t smell much at all, which is another winning reason to try it!

Best of all – I found it on sale for less than $4 a tube.

Available from Towers Pharmacy for $3.65 until November 9 (RRP around $4.95) or your local supermarket.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Gift Wrap for a Cause

Ever wondered who those people were in Myer that spent hours a day in December busily wrapping other peoples gifts? Turns out they don’t just do it so everyone has perfectly placed ribbons that match the paper, they are actually Jeans for Genes Genies spreading Christmas cheer through gift wrap.

Not only do they perform a community service (seriously, who has time to perfectly wrap dozens of presents these days?!), but they are also helping our smallest humans with diseases like muscular dystrophy, leukaemia and other genetic defects.

My gorgeous friend Lynda is the Genie of all Genies busily coordinating hundreds of people to man wrapping stations across the city at Christmas and she wants YOU! If you can spare a day, an evening or even half a day in December, check out this link and sign yourself up.

If you can’t donate your time, why not take in your gifts to be wrapped? For a low price (as little as a gold coin) you can drop your gifts off, let the wrapping genies work their magic, and come back to gorgeously wrapped gifts. Wrapping stations will open at Myer Bondi, Parramatta & Sydney City as well as at Castle Towers Shopping Centre from December 12 to 24.

All the money you donate helps fund scientists at the Children’s Medical Research Institute find cures for all those nasty kiddie diseases.

More information is available on their website. I’ll be donating my time & I’d love to see you there!

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Ellen: The Latest Cover Girl

Do you guys remember the TV show Ellen? It was back in the mid to late 90’s, when I would sneak downstairs on a school night and watch it. These days, I always forget to record her new program. I’m not really into talk shows, but I’ve always found Ellen Degeneres hilarious.

I sometimes look up from my desk at work and see her dancing on the muted TV and it cracks me up every time. She is funny and flawed and human. Hearing that she is now a CoverGirl is the best news I’ve heard all week. It is a turning point (especially in the US) when an openly gay & married woman, who isn’t in her early 20’s and doesn’t leave the house without 6 hours of makeup every day is the face of a huge beauty brand.

She will begin appearing on ads starting January 2009. Let’s hope she can convince them to stop testing on animals!

Monday, 13 October 2008

Finding the Perfect Eyebrow Shape

When I was a young girl, Niki & Krissy Taylor were the big models of the moment (am I showing my age?!). They were HUGE in the early 90’s and frequented the covers of Dolly & Girlfriend (the staple magazines for any 11 year old girl).

Ahh, November 1993 - when Luke Perry was the epitome of cool

There was always something about Krissy though that drove me mad – her eyebrows. They needed to be just a quarter to a half cm longer on the inside. I always wanted to send her a guide on how just a few simple changes could frame her face and make her even more gorgeous. I never sent her a letter, but I can share my tips with you.

To follow these simple rules to find the perfect size for your eyebrows, you’ll need:
  • A ruler (or other straight long object)
  • An eyebrow pencil
  • Tweezers
  • A mirror
  • A seat near some natural light
  1. Take the ruler and hold it between the corner of your nose and the outside of your eye and up to the eyebrow. Make a mark with the pencil. This is where the eyebrow should finish.
  2. Directly above the inside corner of your eye, is where the eyebrow should begin.
  3. Looking straight ahead in the mirror, make a note of where the iris is, and straight above the outside edge should be the highest point of the brow.
  4. Always pluck in natural light, it is much easier to find those pesky fine hairs.

The idea is to always make sure you never over-pluck. Always remove a couple of hairs, then stand back, look in the mirror and evaluate.

TIP: If you have never plucked your eyebrows before, or you are unsure about the correct shape, make an appointment to see a brow specialist. MAC have some great experts which cost around $40, which is redeemable on products. Once you have the correct shape, it is much easier to maintain weekly by removing stray hairs as they come up.

Friday, 10 October 2008

Runway Makeup Trends

Following on from Tuesday's post on fashion fabulousness, check out the makeup trends over at MarieClaire USA:

Thoughts? I think a lot of the beauty looks are far more wearable this year than in past years - anything to do with the current economic climate perhaps?

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Fake Tan Thursday at Bloom

The smart thinkers at Bloom have a great way of getting us in the mood for Summer – for 2 days only, they are taking 20% off any product in their new Tanning Collection.

Just add ftt0910 in the promo code at checkout.

My tip – try the mousse - nice and mild with just a light instant bronze so you stay streak-free.

Available at

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Show Seasons Favourites

I know I'm late doing this, but damn it, I was planning to before I got sick, so I'm going to finish what I started, albeit in a (very) shortened version.

My favourites shows from the Season (in no particular order):

Diane Von Furstenberg
The clothes, the hair, the faces, the shoes. Proof that she doesn’t just make fabulous jersey wraps.

Monique Lhuillier
Again, all-round great looks. The faces & hair are easily replicated but still chic. Flowing but fitted gowns.

Josh Goot
Fresh, fruity colours that to be honest I wouldn’t be caught dead in, but a girl can dream...

I LOVE the colours of this collection. Makes me wish I was on a yacht in the Greek Islands. Everything looks so wearable. The makeup and hair are polished but not over the top.

Carolina Herrera
Not actually the collection, but check out the lady herself! Damn, I would settle for looking half as good as her at 69.

Akira Isogawa
No matter how far he pushes the boundaries of fashion, he always remains loyal to his roots.
Conclusion: bright is back in a BIG way!

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Shock! More Celebrity Scents

Halle Berry is the latest celebrity scent on the market named, you guessed it, Halle. Original.

Nice dress though...

I don't mean to come across so... bored every time I talk about celebrity fragrances, but seriously - do all celebs think we want to smell like them?

Anyway, in the spirit of sharing knowledge, according to WWD:

top notes are of Sicilian bergamot, fig leaves and pear blossom; the heart is of freesia petals, hibiscus flower and ultra mimosa, and the drydown is of sandalwood, driftwood, cashmere musk, olibanum absolute and sensual amber.

The bottle is a glass rectangle with a wave-textured back (meant to evoke the beach, explains Berry) and a rose gold-toned neck in a bangle design. The juice is also tinted a rose gold shade. “I wanted the bottle to fit well in the hand,” Berry said. “For me, if the bottle is too clunky or cumbersome, or too small to grab, my experience with it isn’t as pleasurable. This is easy to hold, easy to spray and it’s something that’s simple. If you put it on your vanity, it’s beautiful and elegant.”

Available in March 09 in 3 sizes.

Source: WWD

Thursday, 2 October 2008

To Dye For

Some people love the idea of lazing about doing nothing. They can spend an entire week on the couch.

I am not one of those people.

When I was in hospital last week, I was so desperate for things to do, I went nuts with mini beauty routines:

Paint my nails... check
Face masque... check
Hair treatment... check
Remove paint from nails... check
Body scrub... check
Apply body lotion twice daily... check

Once I had exhausted every product I could find, and had super silky soft skin to boot, I thought the only thing left to do is to colour my hair.
From this colour...

That’s right ladies, I have gone from a pale blonde to a dark brown, all from the comfort of my pokey hospital bathroom! I haven’t been any colour other than blonde in around 10 years, before that though, I would try to be anything but my natural colour by going red, blue, purple, pink, brown, red with blonde streaks...

Normally I would do something this dramatic in the salon (I was quoted $400+), but since I wasn’t going anywhere, I figured I could wear the risk. I minimised this by pre-colouring my hair a dark blonde (my natural colour), with a semi-permanent chocolate brown shade over the top, all for the bargain price of $9 each. The joy of a semi is that if you don’t like it, you just need to wash your hair 12 times and most of it is out. The downside is that they do fade really quickly if you’re like me and have to wash your hair every day. this (sexy pout not included)

Alas, no pics this time (no-one looks sexy in a hospital gown), but I have a not-so-secret desire for Ashlee Simpsons hair colour - but the upkeep would be a nightmare. Red is an awesome colour, but unless you have the time and money to devote to it, it is best left to those who naturally rock the red, or who have the time to keep it up. Where was I? Oh yeah, I was thinking maybe a red-brown or a different colour brown - the possibilities are endless! Hmm, decisions, decisions...