Thursday, 29 January 2009

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

SAG Shining Star

Everyone is doing a SAG round up, so I am going to buck the trend (sort of) and just show you my look of the night: Emily Blunt rocking a Spring 2009 Pamella Roland number.

It's sexy and sparkly without the, erm, Pamela Anderson factor - if you get my drift... Oooh and there is small diamond, only 20ct or so, on her right hand if you want to take a squiz. Speaking of hands, what colour are her nails? Navy? Purple? I must know!

Some downers don't like the look but I think it was pulled off to perfection. She manages to look stunning without the need to show an unnecessary amount of flesh, which seems to be de rigueur these days.

Good idea to mix pared-down hair and makeup so as not to overshadow the dress. The simple chignon, baby pink lips, a wash of colour on the eyes. It is simple makeup, but dramatic enough for the occassion.

Your thoughts? Who looked better - Emily or the model?

images: Pamella Rolland, Daily Stab, Lainey Gossip, Celebrity Latest

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Handbag Love: Botkier

Ever since I saw the Botkier Trigger, I've been hooked. An edgy leather bag, with studs, zips and tassels, I thought it was the bees knees of handbags. Of course, it wasn't available in Australia at the time, so I had to drool from afar & then forgot about it (the joys of ADD).

That was until I found the Botkier James Hobo today. It's like the girly version of the Trigger - metallic, hidden zips, less structured, but with the same Botkier-ness (new word).

The James Hobo comes in 5 colours (black, purple, pink, brown & silver), but the rest are quite boring in comparison to the silver. If you aren't a fan of hobo style bags, it is also available in a tote, satchel and clutch.

The goods news: The Trigger and James are available from ShopBop who ship all over the globe.

The bad news: They are pretty exxy with the Trigger at US$610 and James at US$595.

Images: ShopBop

Monday, 26 January 2009

Looking Forward To: Bliss Best of Skintentions

There is a review coming up on a bunch of products The Boyfriend kindly brought back from his last US trip, but in the meantime, I have a new want.

Bliss is launching a new low-cost product called Best of Skintentions, a multi-tasking product that is lightweight and can be used everyday. According to WWD, key ingredients include a complex of vitamins A, C and E, intended to protect against antioxidant and environmental damage. A mineral-omega blend is intended to act as a protective topic barrier while nourishing skin with essential fatty acids. The formula’s SPF 15 is intended to block both UVA and UVB light. The product is also rated PA++, which is a protection grade against UVA.

This is great news for those of us who have combination skin that find a seperate moisturiser and sunscreen just too much for our face to handle.

I'm a big fan of Bliss products, so much so that I have actually sent them emails asking/pleading to come to Australia. I may have even offered to distribute the products.

Expected to be released in March (or mid Feb in Bliss stores) costing US$35 for 50ml (1.7oz).

If you want to experience the wonder of Bliss, the closest one to Australia is in Hong Kong, with 2 floors of pampering & beauty goodness.

Source: WWD

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Makeup of the Week: Michelle Obama

There isn't a more famous female face at the moment than Michelle Obama at her husbands inauguration. It is a brand new day for the US, and while the TV's are covering President Obama, let's see what we can dig up on Mrs Obama and her look.

There are so many news sources covering the products she will be wearing over the course of the inauguration day, however, according to this report, Michelle Obama will not be endorsing any particular brand.

Her makeup is done by Ingrid Grime-Myles, who you can see discussing the new first lady here on ET.

According to Beauty Girl Musings, the following makeup was used for day:

ModelCo Colourbox Eye Shadow in Seychelles
Stendhal Mascara in Noir Black
POP Beauty Blush Cake in Natural in Nudes
It Cosmetics Lip Plumping Pencil in Attract and Energy

And these for night:

Mineral Essence Eye Shadow in Merlot
Bloom Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner in Jet Black
Laura Geller Blush-n-Brighten in Berry
Paula Dorf Lip Color Sheer Tint in Innocence

I could take or leave the lime Isabel Toledo dress, but the makeup was right on the money. What do you think?

P.S. How cute are Sasha & Malia?


Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Golden Globes Round-Up

What a yawn-worthy Golden Globes! Everything was so conservative, like no-one wanted to be on the worst dressed list. Lighten up people!

Let's take a look at my awards for the night:

The Classic - January Jones

Not too sure about the dress, but the face is all old school glamour. Huge lashes, big barrel curls and the lips! I love the colour - is it coral? pink? It's hot.

Biggest Yawn - Jennifer Lopez

Nude face, pulled back hair, skimpy dress, open-mouthed pout. Check. Booooring.

Funkiest Hair - Drew Barrymore

I love this look. Big hair, matte mauve lips, pale skin and is that blue or teal eyeliner. Either way, it's awesome. On Renee Zellweger, not so much *scrunches nose*

Most Sophisticated - Kate Winslett

I can't work out why she always looks so pulled together. Is it because she is English? Good genes? The red lips on a bare face makes a huge impact. The not-too-tight hair with wispy fringe completes the look without looking too stuffy.

Worst Hair - Cameron Diaz

Did she forget to have her hair done?

Worst Makeup - Anna Paquin

Just no.

The Look of the Night - Heidi Klum

She always looks like she has a lot of fun.

What are your picks of the night?

pics: News & Celebrity Gossip

Friday, 9 January 2009

See the Light with GHD

Is your crummy straightener giving you bad hair? Can't afford a GHD? This might just be for you.

Exchange your old straightener for a GHD and you get $60 off. Not bad. If you can find a place that sells the GHD for less than retail and can still get the discount, you're onto a winner!