Wednesday, 29 April 2009

PICS: Estee Lauder Chocolate Decadence Collection

I don't have a lot of nice things to say about this collection, so I'll let you make up your own minds by showing you the images. Tell me what you think in the comments.

It might just be the images, and no, I haven't seen them in person, but they really don't appeal to me at all. The colours are just too dark and urgh. Feel free to change my mind though!

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

NEW: Urban Decay Primer Potion

My favourite eye primer (have I done a review on it yet?) has had a facelift!

They have changed the wand to make it curvier and easier to apply, but it begs the question - who actually applies it straight from the wand to their lids? I know I always swipe a bit on my finger and then apply to my eyes. What do you do?

I'm also trying to get my hands on some of the new Sin Primer Potion (above right), which is more of a sparkly, champagne colour. Sadly, there was none left in Sephora during The Boyfriends last visit to the US.

Monday, 27 April 2009

SALE: MOR Warehouse Sale

It is that time again, when the women line up around the block to get their hands on some discounted MOR goodies!

WHEN: Saturday May 2nd to Sunday May 10. 10-6 weekdays, 11-5 weekends.
WHERE: 361 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne (between Elizabeth & Queen St's)
PAY BY: Cash, Debit, MasterCard, Visa

I wonder if they will have any of the Nordica products on sale? I love the packaging on those.

REVIEW: Revlon Matte Collection

There are times when sparkly products just don’t cut it. Sometimes you just want a nice simple matte look that is universally flattering.

Having an entirely matte face is a little bit too Mad Men for me, but taking one area of the face and keeping it matte can mix up your makeup look and create a whole new dimension for your face.

I love this look on the right by Revlon Global Artistic Director Gucci Westman, which would also look great with a glossy lip in a similar colour:

The Products

The lipsticks are a little too matte for my liking, they don’t have the balm quality that Lipstick Queen has with hers. The blushes are best suited to those who are new to blush, or who like only a subtle colour. The eyeshadows are quite pigmented and a little unforgiving if misplaced, but are worth it for the price and size. The kohl eyeliner is the pick of the bunch, soft, easy to apply and comes with a smudging sponge if you like it a bit softer.

Finally, remember that matte does not mean covering your face in a thick layer of powder to avoid shine. The glow of your skin should still be visible through your products.

My picks of the collection:

Blush in Perfectly Peach
Kohl Eyeliner in Midnight Blue
Matte Eye Shadow in Aubergine
Matte Lipstick in Strawberry Suede

Revlon Matte Collection is available now

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sunday Short n Sweet: Sexy Night Makeup

Looking for a simple way to get a hot night time look?

Here, M·A·C Pro makeup artist Luc Bouchard demonstrates how to take your day look into the evening with a few easy steps:

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Shame: Beauty Brand Gets Caught Out

I feel a little bit like Derryn Hinch (remember 'Shame, Shame, Shame, I'm Derryn Hinch'?) with my title, but it seems fairly appropriate. The ACCC has taken Natural Products of Australia Pty Ltd, makers of Natural Instinct and Organic Instinct to court for misleading consumers by incorrectly labelling their products.

According to the ACCC’s website, Natural Instinct's current management has entered into court enforceable undertakings with the ACCC and has agreed to:
  • relabel its products
  • provide full refunds to affected customers
  • publish corrective notices in the Women's Weekly magazine and the Body+Soul lift-out of the Sunday Mail, Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Herald Sun, Sunday Times and major newspapers in Tasmania and the Northern Territory
  • publish a corrective notice listing all affected products on its website (
  • endeavour to place corrective notices in all stores that sell its products, and
  • implement a trade practices law compliance program.

Deliberately misleading consumers that your products are more natural or organic than they say they are is pretty shameful, but excluding ingredients when people could be allergic is just downright rude.

If you have bought any of the affected products, you are entitled to a refund. Please see the website for more details.


Monday, 20 April 2009

Why You Should Wear Sunscreen

Kim Kardashian teaches us why wearing sunscreen is NOT optional:

It doesn’t matter if you think you just go brown, that is still your body’s way of telling you that you are damaging your skin cells.

Having seen someone die at 18 from skin cancer, I can assure you that it is a very, VERY horrible way to die. Please wear sunscreen whenever you are outside, regardless of the weather.


Looking for some low cost, good quality, highly pigmented colours? Look no further than Pure Luxe Cosmetics.

How much do you think all of these cost?

Amazingly, most of them are just US$1 each. It is typically a 1/8 teaspoon amount in a jar (no, not a plastic baggy that spills everywhere!), which can last (from my experience) more than 10 applications for the eyeshadows. It is the perfect way to try out new colours, and when you find the ones you like, you can buy the larger size in sifter jars.

It is always a good idea to test a number of mineral makeup colours before you commit to one shade, as they tend to change slightly due to the oils in your face. A colour may seem perfect when applied, but by the time you get to work, it may be a little too dark.

I went sample crazy and bought almost 50 samples. Obviously you don't have to do that, but you probably have more self control than I do! I have sampled the foundation, the finishing powder, eyeshadow, liner, lipstick and blush.

They have everything you could ever think of, and the best part - the woman who owns it, Christina, is a delight. She answered any questions I had and was a pleasure to order from.

The foundations come in 13 shades and even have one for my super pale skin. If you cant find one you like, simply order a couple of samples and mix until you get the right shade. They are easy to apply and because of my oily t-zone, I only needed to apply the finishing powder to this area once after lunch with my mini kabuki brush. You can apply them lightly for a soft look, or build until you get the coverage you are looking for.

The eyeshadows are highly pigmented which means you only need a tiny bit and they last for AGES. If you want even more colour payoff, try them wet or with a mixing medium. These are just a couple of colours applied with my fingers:

If you would like swatches of other colours, let me know.

There are literally hundreds of eyeshadows and 30+ blushes to choose from, which range from subtle matte all the way to bright shimmery colours. They even have colours that glow under blacklight:

The prices are really reasonable, even with the currency conversion. They range from US$1 for a small sample to US$12-18 for a 30g jar.

1/4 teaspoon in a jar = US$1

Blush (shown below), bronzer, colour correctors, eyeshadows
1/8 teaspoon in a jar = US$1

Ultimate liners
1/8 teaspoon in a jar = US$1.25

Super liners (matte pigment liners)
1/16 teaspoon in a jar = US$2

My only complaint would be that they don't have a listing of all their matte colours which I would really helpful when looking for 'work-friendly' colours. You need to go through each one to find the colours and due to the large amount of stock, it takes too long.

I have some liquid to powder eyeshadow, creme blush, lipstick and primer coming next, so stay tuned for reviews on those!

Stila is Saved!

There have been rumours circulating the internet for the past couple of weeks that Stila has gone bust and is filing for bankruptcy. The website is down ‘for maintenance’ and every beauty blogger who had a contact in Stila was posting either agreeing or disagreeing that it was the end for the beauty brand.

I refused to participate in the conversation except for a Twitter post stating that everyone should avoid speculating and wait until an official statement was released. Now it has.

It seems that Stila was in financial trouble with their owners Sun Partners (they were refusing to offer more funding). As of a few hours ago, it has been bought by venture capital firm Patriarch Partners LLC, who can obviously see a business worth saving, and some money to be made from it.

What does this mean for Stila? In the short term, they will not be closing, but I imagine that something needs to be done about their profit margins and selling strategy to ensure their longevity. They have been sold 3 times so far and to be honest, after this, who is going to want to keep buying a failed company?

They have such great products but something needs to change to make it a viable business.

More information will be released in the next couple of days & I will post more when I have it.

Source: WWD

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Sunday Short n Sweet: MAC Cosmetics A Rose Romance Preview

Thanks to Pursebuzz on YouTube, check out the MAC Cosmetics 'A Rose Romance' collection Preview:

I love ALL the lip colours, from the Lipsticks to the Lip Glass and the See Thru Lip Colour. I'm putting my order in early for everything!

Available in the US from April 23.

More images and colour swatches are available on Pursebuzz.

Friday, 17 April 2009

REVIEW: Natio Extreme Volume Mascara

I don’t know about you, but I have high expectations when I pick up a tube of mascara called ‘Extreme Volume’. You’re going to want shit-hot lashes with a name like that – I'm talking JLo with the mink lashes hot. Without the mink.

If it was called ‘Average Lash’ then I wouldn’t be so disappointed when I used Natio Extreme Volume Smudge Proof Mascara in Black.

The wand looked promising – nice and thick, just like my favourite Maybelline Full n Soft. It separates the lashes well, leaving no clumps. I’ve had no smudges at all which is great. Now for the volume part... it left my lashes decidedly UNvoluminous. There doesn’t seem to be any oompf at all in the tube. If you already have thick lashes it might be good, or you only want a subtle coat of colour, but for me with my long and not so thick lashes, all it did was coat them in black and then give up trying. I thought it could be more like the Australis Mousse Mascara, where a single application left the lashes looking ok, but after the second and third coats... BAM! super fat lashes. Sadly, no.

Panda Eye Factor: 0. I had no panda eye at all when I got out of the shower. Impressive.

I’m disappointed as Natio make some awesome products including their lip colours (I have many). Don’t discount them just because of one sad product - that’s why it is my job to find the good and evil in every brand! I’ll post another Natio review shortly to give them a chance to redeem themselves.

P.S. I had just finished writing this and I thought I would give it one last chance and... the lid broke.

Available in Priceline and Pharmacies for around AU$14

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Grown Up Jelly Shoes

It might be a throwback to childhood because I was never allowed to wear Jelly Shoes (some parental ridiculousness about them sticking to hot bitumen in summer), Sure they were probably uncomfortable and made your feet sweaty and stinky, nevertheless, I wanted sparkly pink jelly shoes!!

The latest rage makes me all nostalgic. They have been around for a while but I thought they were a passing fad and never paid any attention to them until this week. Once you get past the fact that you are in fact a grown up and yes, they are plastic shoes, they are kind of cool.

Melissa has been making shoes for decades and has come back in fashion due to the collaborations with major designers like Vivienne Westwood, Campana Brothers and Judy Blame. The fact that they are more sustainable and eco friendly than your usual leather variety of shoe has probably assisted in pushing them back into the limelight. Did you know that their shoes can be disassembled and recycled? Try doing that with a pair of trainers. They have manufactured more than 50 million pairs of shoes in the past 25 years, with people in more than 80 countries wearing the designs. That is pretty impressive.

The jelly shoes from the 80's have now morphed into fancy high heels and simple flats through a patented high-tech composite called MELFLEX™ which is supposed to increase comfort and elasticity.

Check out this version by Vivienne Westwood, which is a carbon copy of her famous (and much more expensive) leather Mary Janes:

Here are some of my favourites from the site:

VW Lady Dragon LOVE HEART AU$175

A cute flat for weekends:

Campana Favella AU$95

Or go for a simple black flat like this:

Ultragirl by Edson Matsuo AU$79

Or the same but with a Tinkerbell twist, which I am just loving:

So, the only question I have is... do they still leave your feet sweaty & stinky? If you have a pair, let me know. I may have to get myself a pair of the Tinkerbell ones.

pics: Joanne Teo via Photobucket, Melissa Australia

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Lets Talk Gross

All excited that I have a new lippy to try, I race home and open the packaging to find this horror:

What are those specky little white things I hear you ask? Good question. I don't know. What I do know is that they have made little snail trails around my new lipstick which makes me think that they are alive. I'm not sure you want to see any close-ups of that though. Ew.

Will I be buying another lipstick from Priceline any time soon? Hmm, I'll have to think about that one.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

SALE: 20% off Konad Nail Products

My favourite polish addict Scrangie has just posted a great deal for all of you who are polish crazy: 20% off all Konad items at

What is Konad? Have you ever wondered how some people get those wacky designs on their nails without going to an overpriced nail salon? Konad has home kits for you to make your own designs wherever you are. There are literally hundreds of different designs and it is up to you to choose the location and colours. It looks pretty easy and I can see why you could get carried away!

Some designs are a little bit crazy for my liking (coming from the person who can't tolerate nail polish for more than about a day) like this:

And others are a bit more sedate like this twist on a french tip:

While there are a million other choices in between by using plates like these:

Kits start at US$15.95 while image plates are US$6.99.

Add the code 'Scrangie' when you checkout for the 20% discount.

Also receive FREE shipping on orders over $20, including international orders (yay!)

Images:,, konad online

Sunday Short n Sweet: Happy Holidays

Wishing everyone a very happy & safe Easter and Passover holidays.

Regardless of your beliefs, any chocolate consumed over this period is free from calories*, so enjoy!

*may or may not be true

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sunday Short n Sweet: Which comes first?

One of the big beauty questions has to be 'which comes first?' - whether it is to do with makeup, skin care, or even hair care, just about everyone has an opinion. So when it comes to applying cream blush, eyeshadow or foundation, who is right? Should my mineral foundation come before or after my cream concealer? Should you even mix powder & cream products? 

The lovely Kat from has the low down on where cream based makeup products fit in your daily routine and how to keep it looking perfect all day. 

Read all about it here

image via Channel4

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

REVIEW: Korres Mango Butter Lipstick

I was sent this a couple of days ago and literally haven’t taken it off since. I am currently wearing Coral 45, a bright orange-pink in the tube, but comes out a more subtle coral on your lips. It is a great colour for summer and on miserable days like today when you need a bit of a kick to get you through the end of the week.

This is the Coral 45 swatch from Sephora

While it says it is a rich, intense colour, it really is more sheer which is good, as I was initially scared of the colour until I tried it on. The tube also says that the ‘mango butter leaves lips smooth and moisturised’ and they aren’t lying, my lips feel soft.

The colour looks scary bright in the tube, but applies more like a sheer lip balm leaving your lips with a hint of colour that is buildable with multiple applications, without giving your lips a horrid fake look. There are other reviews that talk about how pigmented the lipstick is, so it could just be this particular colour, I haven’t tried any other colours, so if anyone else can comment, please let us know.

I have been so seriously impressed with every Korres product I have tried so far, I am insisting everyone try the brand. I have many more Korres products to go so stay tuned!

Korres Mango Butter Lipstick is available from Kit Cosmetics in Australia for AU$35.95 and Sephora overseas for US$18

P.S Here is a swatch on my pasty white skin:

As you can see, it is a very subtle coral colour with more than a hint of pink.

Who is Be Genki?

The lucky lady who gets to pamper herself with some divine Be Genki Vitality Bath & Shower Oil is (drumroll please):

Kay from Queensland!

Your oil will be on its way to you this week, enjoy!