Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sunday Short n Sweet: Pink Eyeshadow

I don't know about you guys, but I have never been able to do pink eyeshadow. I look diseased. It is one look that I have seriously given up on ever achieving.

Because it is summer, it is the perfect time to wear pretty pinks and purples, not only on your body, but also to give your face a bit of colour too. Step out of your comfort zone of smokey grey and taupe colours and get into a bit of summer colour.

Here we have Yasmin from Primped demonstrating how to apply a perfectly pastel shade to your eyes without looking like you have pink-eye:

Friday, 29 January 2010

MAC Give Me Liberty Collection

This has to be one of the prettiest ranges MAC has released in a looooong time. It is flowery with gorgeous coloured lips & eyes. I am lemming just about all of it. It also looks like the collection isn't standard packaging covered in stickers (yes MAC, we don't appreciate forking out ridiculous prices for your collections only to find the stickers broken off in your handbag a week later).

It looks like it comes with a scarf and possibly some bags as well. 

Will it be available in Australia? Hmm, I don't know that yet. If it is, it would be around March/April. 

Product images will be available on Monday.


Tuesday, 12 January 2010

MAC Love Lace - Product Details

Following on from yesterday, here are more product shots of the MAC Love Lace Collection.


  • Pretty Please Pale pink pearl (Lustre) (Permanent)
  • Intricate Frosted cool icy taupe (Frost) (Limited Edition)

  • Icescape Sheer pale pink with pink pearl (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Utterly Discrete Sheer frosted cool icy mauve (Limited Edition)


  • Pincurl Dusty white (Frost) (Repromote) (Limited Edition)

  • Hypnotizing Frosted grey mauve (Frost) (Limited Edition)
  • Love Lace Frosted mid-tone greyish blue (Veluxe Pearl) (Limited Edition)

  • Suave Intentions Light frosted silver blue (Veluxe Pearl) (Limited Edition)

Kohl Power

  • Sense of Style Blackened deep marine blue (Limited Edition)
  • Raven Intense red with black pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Feline Rich black (Limited Edition)

Nail Lacquer

  • Light Affair Creamy pale grey taupe (Cream) (Limited Edition)

Eye Kohl

  • Fascinating (Permanent)

Zoomlash Mascara
  • Zoomblack (Permanent)


  • Stud (Permanent)


  • #44 (Permanent)
What MAC Love Lace products are on your lust list?


Monday, 11 January 2010

MAC Love Lace Collection

Yet another gorgeous collection from MAC. This time, it is all about very girly, pretty features, highlighted in navy and silver with baby pink lips.

The MAC Love Lace Collection in stores now. Product pictures and details will be up tomorrow.


Friday, 8 January 2010

Beauticology 2009 Product of the Year

I've been thinking about what product had the greatest impact on me in 2009 and I kept coming up with the same product over and over. I'll give you a hint - I raved about it in January '08 and forgot about by the end of 2008.

Not sure? Keep reading to find out!


I know people who would crawl over their first born to get to a Lush store. They swear by the products and lament when they’ve reached the bottom of their Dream Cream. Me, not so much. In fact, I get an instant headache as soon as I walk near the store, its overwhelmingly fragrant. I’ve never bought anything from Lush & while I don’t dislike for their products, I’ve never had anything jump out and scream BUY ME YOU FOOL.

Since there are about a squillion of you who think my opinion of Lush is rubbish (the 20 stores in Australia and 350 worldwide are enough to prove me wrong), I thought a post with the best and brightest of Lush was in order.

Ladies, Gentlemen, I give you the current top 10 most popular products at Lush:

Monday, 4 January 2010

Jennifer Hawkins and the Airbrushing Debate

There is a huge debate raging at the moment over the new Marie Claire cover, with an un-airbrushed Jennifer Hawkins on the cover. Many are saying that she doesn’t portray a realistic view of women. Why is that? Because she is beautiful? Thin? Is fit? She is a model. That is what they are paid for.

The same could be said about Sarah Murdoch on the cover of Women’s Weekly, looking beyond gorgeous, but entirely age-appropriate.

Both Sarah Murdoch and Jennifer Hawkins are models. They are genetically blessed individuals whose career relies on their looks. Raging about them as individuals is unfair on them and claiming that they are unfit role models because they are thin is ridiculous.

I absolutely agree that the average woman looks more like Bianca Dye who posed nude for Madison magazine a couple of months ago (and looks bloody amazing, in my humble opinion), but that wasn’t the point.

If you want to complain and rage about the airbrushing issue, do it over its misuse, not its lack of use. Complain about its misuse in the Ralph Lauren ad, where the model looks like malnourished skeleton. Complain about magazine covers where the celeb is 50, but has absolutely no wrinkles, and the skin of twelve year old.

Celebrate models/celebs who are brave enough to step out from airbrushing norm, and show that they do, in fact look just like the rest of us, and don’t judge those who were hit with the beauty gene wand just a little bit more than you or I.

You can see more images of Jennifer Hawkins exclusively on the Sassi Sam blog.

5 of Your Favourites

Sigh, it's back to normality today. I wish we had 3 day working weeks every week!

So we can relive 2009 just a little bit more, I thought I would give you the 5 most read posts of 2009. I'm actually a little surprised by them, but you voted with your little clicking fingers, so here I provide:

1. HOW TO: Clean Your Makeup Brushes
2. REVIEW: Lipstick Queen Saint Lipstick
3. REVIEW: Revlon Matte Collection
4. NEW: Miranda Kerr Launches Skincare Range KORA
5. Freida, Evangeline and Elizabeth Join L'Oreal

If there is anything you would like me to write about, please send me an email, I'm more than happy to oblige.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

New Years Resolutions

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Christmas and New Year. Its been great to have a few days off to unwind and take stock of the year that was. We went down to the south coast for a few days and had a great time. It rained every single day, so there wasn't a lot of hiking and swimming, but just the act of being outside the house without having to worry about anything else made it ideal. For those in the northern hemisphere, I hope your winter is not too unbearable! 

I am really looking forward to 2010, I am determined to make it a great year & what better way to start than with some not-so-ridiculous resolutions?

Along with those I posted last week, here are some more of mine:

1. Go on holidays more often. We went to Hawaii in Aug/Sep last year and it was fantastic. It made me realise that I need to spend more time relaxing. Even some more short breaks would certainly be a step in the right direction.

2. Exercise more. I go to Pilates, but I am sure a few extra sessions of swimming/walking/whatever wouldn't hurt & would probably make my back feel a whole lot better. Speaking of, I cannot tell you how good Pilates has been for my back, miracle stuff.

3. Use up my beauty products before buying more. Ha, bit of a pipe dream, but hey, I have to put in one goal that seems unattainable. I'd love to be able to fit all my beauty products in one place. At the moment, I have an entire 6 seat dining table covered in them & it would be nice to have dinner on it occassionally.

4. Buy a new house. Our current abode is far too small & causes stress because there is nowhere for things to go (see point 3 above). A terrace in McMahons Point with Sydney harbour views would be lovely, but I suppose I'm willing to be slightly more reasonable.

5. Be happy. While things haven't always gone my way & I've had a few low points in the last decade, in a lot of respects, I am very lucky and I just need to remember that when I am feeling down.

What are your resolutions?