Saturday, 18 September 2010

REVIEW: L'Oreal Perfect Clean Detoxifying Foaming Gel

One of the cleverest product designs I've seen this year has to be the new facial cleanser range from L'Oreal Paris.

The innovation comes from incorporating a cleansing pad into the container. Genius! You simply pop out the cleaning pad, squirt a bit of the cleanser on it and away you go.

I tested the Detoxifying Foaming Gel for normal to combination skin. 

The product is also available in 'Cleanse and Softens Foaming Cream' for dry skin and an 'Exfoliating Gentle Apricot Scrub' for normal skin.

I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about using the foaming cleanser as I have never had a good experience with one in the past. In order for them to foam, foaming cleansers contain soap, which can be quite drying on your skin as they not only leave your skin clean, but they strip it of all the good oils. This can leave your face tight and in serious need of moisturiser.

The pad/'clean pod' (or Scrublet in some other countries) is such a good idea, it is soft, but not so soft you can't feel it working. A small squirt of product on the pad and I could feel it going to work as soon as I started using small circles to clean my face. It is almost like a mini massage!

Using the product on it's own doesn't yield as good results as using it in conjunction with the pad, which made me think it might work with other products. I got out my trusty Philosophy Purity Made Simple and it too left my skin feeling cleaner than without the pad.

Granted, the pad doesn't work as well as a Clarisonic, but given the price difference, I wouldn't expect it to. For the price, it is an ingenious tool I would purchase without the product. I'm not sure if I will continue using the cleanser, but the pad will be coming with me in my travel bag.

Oh, and the pad makes it sticks to the shower wall:

Hanging around in my shower

The L'Oreal Paris Perfect Clean range is available in supermarkets and Priceline for around $12

Thursday, 16 September 2010

REVIEW: NIVEA Q10 Plus Anti Wrinkle Tinted Day Cream

Dear Nivea,

I cannot tell you how excited I was to hear you were expanding your Q10 Plus line. I’ve been through over a dozen tubes of your Q10 Plus Anti Aging Hand Cream and I’m yet to find anything else that comes close. The Boyfriend actually links the scent of your hand cream to me, I use it so much. I’ve often thought of buying it by the case.

The first product in your new line which I reached for was your new Q10 Plus Anti Wrinkle Tinted Day Cream. Suits any skin colour it says on the box. Fantastic! This means it will work with my pasty white skin. I open the box and look at the lid, which is more Nicole Richie than Nicole Kidman in colour. Hmm, I hope it isn’t this colour inside. I unscrew the lid (pet hate BTW, flip lid is much easier to work with) and what do I see?

OK, so it’s quite dark. That’s ok, it says it works with any skin colour. I’ll just rub it in.

Hmm. *checks box to check it is tinted moisturiser not bronzer* Nivea, we have a problem.

Being the consummate beauty professional, I wore it around the house all day to give it a chance (don’t say I don’t do my best). It’s actually really nice. Once applied, it leaves a gorgeous matte finish without balling or flaking. It leaves the perfect canvas to apply the rest of your makeup. Overall, it is a product I would recommend. To those with more tanned skin anyway.

So, on the whole I’m a bit bummed I can’t use it, but I’m sure those with darker skin will love it. Hoping you will bring it out in a lighter shade soon.


Naomi xx

NIVEA Q10 Plus Anti Wrinkle Tinted Day Cream is available at Priceline for around AU$19

Monday, 6 September 2010

Loving: NARS Pure Matte Lipstick

 Unless you've been living under a rock, or lost the internet for a while like I did (worst.experience.ever), you'll know matte has come back with a vengeance. Eye shadow first, and now for lipstick.

Unlike the 90's when matte lipsticks left your lips dry and flaky, the lipsticks of now are nourishing and colour-filled without the need for lip-smacking stickiness.

NARS has jumped on the matte train and is set to deliver us a gorgeous range of colour. Take a look at the artistic clip below:

It is a compact collection, with only 6 colours, with my favourite being Vesuvio, a deep, rich red (second from left, below).

Sure, I'm wearing lots more lippy these days, but I'll always have a soft spot for my lipglosses. My many, MANY lipglosses...

NARS Pure Matte Lipstick is available at Mecca Cosmetica and is AU$54

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Lippy Lovers Love Liptember

No beauty addict needs an excuse to buy yet another lip product, but I have one very good reason even the most frugal of accountants would agree with me on: Liptember. That's right ladies, while the men have Movember (and I hope every year those handle bar moustaches stay in November), we now have a month dedicated to promoting women's health.

So what is it about? Liptember's Mission Statement is to 'raise the awareness of gender specific health and ill health issues for women, funding research and programs that can be implemented to achieve optimal health outcomes for women.' To do that, they have partnered with Burt's Bees and Priceline to have all profits of the Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Rhubarb (a gorgeous deep pink) purchased in Priceline stores donated to Liptember, who will work with organisations like the Royal Hospital for Women to develop local programs and research.

So take minute from worrying about everyone else to think about yourself for once, get yourself checked out with your GP, slap on some lipstick and let every woman you know, they too should be taking some 'me time'!

For more information, go to Liptember's website, Facebook page or you can follow them on Twitter.