Sunday, 31 October 2010

Bliss is Here!!

Super cult US beauty brand Bliss hits our shores next week and I am SO EXCITED. I've long been a fan, picking up goodies whenever I (or The Boyfriend) are in the US but this makes it far handier when I run out of my favourites.

No Zit Sherlock, The Youth As We Know It, Fat Girl Slim and Steep Clean are just some of the cute product names from the brand developed by the beauty dynamo Marcia Kilgore. Name sound familiar? She also invented shoe brand FitFlop and beauty brand Soap and Glory (available at Kit Cosmetics).

Maria made going to a spa more mainstream and a whole lot more fun. Gone was the need to be a Park Avenue Princess. She sold her majority stake in Bliss to LVMH in 1999 but they have managed to keep the fun, despite being owned by a beauty & fashion super power.

So what makes Bliss so good? The products are exceptional. They do what they say they do and they are inventive, setting trends rather than following them.

My two favourite products are the Triple Oxygen™ Instant Energising Mask and The Best of Skintentions SPF moisturiser.

Now all they need to do is bring the Bliss Spas to Australia and I may never leave the country again.

Bliss is available exclusively to Myer from Monday. Go crazy!

Friday, 29 October 2010

Dear Marie Claire and Media: Fat People Are People, Too

Excellent post Josh. Very well put.

I have had an eating disorder since I was 8. Anorexia, bulimia and now binge eating disorder and my experience has been that having had these problems, I have more compassion for those who are (for want of a better word) outside the 'norm'.

I've been stupidly thin and I've been overweight, and at the low end of the scale I was applauded for looking so well (despite only eating half an apple a day). At the large end of the scale, I am constantly ridiculed and harassed by strangers and family. The emotional torture for both is huge.

Being overweight doesn't make you less of a person, and that is precisely what Maura Kelly was implying in her post. Her hateful comments are what makes people never leave the house, emotional eat (thus gaining more weight) or in some situations, commit suicide.

While people are entitled to their opinions, a self-censor would have been appropriate in this situation. Her editor should also be reprimanded (at least) for not doing her job and allowing this to be published.

I used to have a subscription to US Marie Claire shipped to Australia, needless to say that is never going to happen again.

Read the Article at HuffingtonPost

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Dove Channels The Sound of Music

45 years! That's how long ago The Sound of Music was released. Amazing! It is one of the few timeless classics that never gets old. 

My thought trail started on Sound of Music when I noticed the ad for the new Dove Haircare range over the past couple of days. I can't find it on YouTube, but I'm sure you'll see it over the next few weeks.  

In the US, the campaign is lead by Glee star Lea Michele version, seen in the US since earlier this year:

I don't have any details on the new products, but will try and chase them up and post them as soon as I find out. 

Also, if you are a die-hard Sound of Music fan, you can catch the reunion on Oprah soon.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Packaging Perfection

As discussed in my post last week, I've found an increasing trend in brands making packaging into more than just a boring black tube that holds lipstick. Women like products they can pull out of their handbag and use in public.
Packaging Perfection

The brand which stands out to me has to be Guerlain. Check out the products above. All of them make me want to buy them just because they are pretty. I guess the stuff inside is good too, I don't know (I honestly never checked). I'm just mesmerised by the stamped silver packaging, hidden mirrors and intricate patterns, both on the packaging and on the product inside (see compact above).

Above from top left:

Écrin 6 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette - Rue de Sèvres 29
Terracotta Khol Eyeshadow
Rouge G De Guerlain Le Brillant - # B60 Beatrix
Meteorites Pearls
Meteorites Pearls Compact

Terracotta Gloss Moisturising Sun Shimmer Gloss SPF 15 - # 05 Santal 5ml/0.17oz
Samsara Eau De Toilette Refillable Spray 90ml/3oz

Tell me: What have you bought because it was pretty? 

Monday, 18 October 2010

Products Too Beautiful to Use

There is an increasing trend by makeup brands to make their compacts more than simply a box filled with colour - they are works of art. Some are so detailed, I wonder if the designers think people will buy them with the intention of never using them?

Who am I kidding, of course people will collect them. I don't quite understand why people do in most cases, but some of the more detailed ones make me wonder how you can use them without mixing all the colours together. Which could be the point - die-hard fans will buy limited edition products without regard to their usefulness. It is the same way some women go gaga over each MAC release, buying whole collections, never to use them.  

After you have used them for a while, all products look the same. Messy. So it makes me wonder why brands go to so much trouble to make their products into art. I could go on for ages about how the focus seems to be on the packaging rather than the product in many cases, but I'll leave that for another day (and funnily enough I have a post coming up about packaging).

The simple (hah!) designs begin with an elaborate stamp on the powder, typically with the brand logo or a symbol synonymous with the brand (Chanel has used their signature quilting, or more recently tweed).

Then, there has been a move over the last few years to create blushes and highlighters with individual shades seen in the compact, rather than mixed together.

Add them together and you have something like the Estee Lauder - Signature 5-Tone Shimmer Powder AU$75

Lancome La Rose Deco Highlighter AU$75 from the French Coquettes Collection

Highly detailed stamped individual colours from Chantecaille - Tiger in the Wild Palette AU$120

Through to the most elaborate mixed-colour compacts from Christian Dior - Tallier Bar Set US$90 

 How on earth do you use the individual colours (or is that not the point)?

Some of the MAC Collections have a similar vibe (take the Dame Edna or Barbie Collections), but they don't have the same level of detail as some of the ones above.

Tell me: Are you hoarding products in your drawers because they are too beautiful to touch? What made you buy them if you knew you weren't going to use them?

Chantecaille is available from Mecca Cosmetica, Lancome, Chanel & Estee Lauder from Myer and the Dior set is only available from Neiman Marcus (which you can purchase online).