Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sunday Short n Sweet: Flight of the Bumble Bees (Nails)

I am constantly in awe of people who get creative with their nails. I spend most of my time just trying to keep mine from splitting and tend to visit the nail salon if I want them polished. Even then, it only tends to last a day or two.

In one of my random internet perusals, I came across a number of blogs with bumble bee themed nail designs and I had to share them. 

I love the detail of this one, with the hive on the thumb:

Or this:

 This one mixes bees with clouds & sky for a more unique look:

It also comes with a video tutorial:

If you want to scare your children (and me), get completely outrageous and go for something more like this:

Which is your favourite? Do you get OTT with nail designs?

pic pic pic pic

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Emily @ said...

I like the first ones the best- so cute!