Thursday, 27 January 2011

Crazy Times (and Happy New Year!)

Hello beauties! Welcome to 2011. I can't believe January has come by so quickly. I hope everyone has had a amazing holiday period filled with good food and happy memories.

It has been a crazy few months for me which have lead me to be the laziest blogger ever (IMO anyway!). There was a big plan to move interstate for The Boyfriend's work, so we have spent months sorting, organising and packing for the big move and he was to start work on Monday (4 days ago). In a strange and annoying twist, we only found out on Friday that we wouldn't be moving. Not yet anyway. Needless to say there were quite a few grumpy, unprintable words spoken (mainly by me).

So, we are staying in Sydney for the foreseeable future, which leads me to my last, and biggest reason for not being online for a while. 

Those who know me know I am incredibly clumsy/unlucky. I injure myself quite often, usually because I am not paying attention but I swear, this time I had nothing to do with it.

When I was cleaning out the bathroom, I opened the huge cabinet and the screws holding it to the back of the wall started to give way and whole thing started to fall on me. I held it up against the wall while calling out to my next door neighbour, hoping she would hear me. All the while I was wondering if it was due to it being packed full of every bottle and cream known to man. I choose to believe it was just shoddy workmanship, but, ah, I'm sort of responsible for putting it up too (along with The Boyfriend).

Anyway, it turns out when I reached up to stop the cabinet from falling, I dislocated my shoulder and then when it popped back in, I tore some of the tendons around it. Given it was the hand I write with, and I also own a manual car, it has made life a bit tricky. Lots of doctors, specialists, injections (but thankfully no surgery) and physio later, I'm back on the mend.

I'm now able to move it around some more and can now type with two hands (woo hoo!), along with washing my own hair. If you've ever had someone wash your hair for you, you know it just never seems to feel the same as when you do it yourself.

I will be back into testing mode next week and I will begin blogging in full swing in February.

Naomi xx

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

NEW: MAC Wonder Woman Collection

Once upon a time, deep in the Amazon, a little girl was born. Blessed by deities, she grew up to be... Wonder Woman!

The latest collection from MAC is soon to be released and is one of the few of late which I am excited about.

Are you going to be picking anything up from this collection?

MAC Wonder Woman Collection is available online or in MAC stores.