Editorial Policy

Beauticology is an independent beauty review site specialising in finding and reviewing those products you can’t live without. New content is published 4-6 times a week.

I am not swayed by advertising revenue. Giving me a Chanel handbag will not influence my opinion of a product or brand (not that anyone has ever given us one!), no matter how pretty. If a product is fantastic, you’ll hear about it. Equally, if a product is worth avoiding, I’ll let you know that too.

Not everyone has cash or time to get to major shopping district, and because of that, I will always give my honest and unbiased opinion. Nothing is worse than reading a glowing write-up of a product in every magazine and website and trying it yourself and finding that it is just awful.

Rest assured that I will always feature the best products I can find, and debunk the myths surrounding those latest fad products that don’t quite cut it.

I don’t believe every expensive cream is actually worth the price (or packaging); equally, I don’t believe all cheap products should be discounted just because they are cheap and come in plain packaging. Some are truly horrible, but they come in every price bracket.

I can’t guarantee that the products that work well for me, will work well for you. Use your judgement and be product-wise.

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